Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the results of our latest fever dream! A blog!

We have tonnes of records that we are super excited to have because we thought some of you would be also super excited to listen to and buy! Well, some of those records are still kicking around, and we weren't sure why. Then we thought, maybe we thought too highly of you and assumed you had taste. 🤦

Here's our attempt at instilling some taste into you, our fine customers! Our new blog, Now Hear This, is going to feature music.

Hopefully some of these bands are new to you, some you've probably never heard of. Some may be completely offensive to you, but hopefully, we'll help you find one new record that makes you feel something. 🥰.

Now Hear This

Now Hear First Aid Kit
They impressed Jack White, were befriended by Conor Oberst, played Glastonbury, and worked with R.E.M's Peter Buck, Wilco's Glen Kotche, and The Decembrists' Tucker Martine. So, yes, they've got the pedigree. But are they any good? Yes! First Aid Kit...
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Now Hear Gilla Band (Girl Band)
Noise rock? Techno punk? Electronic freak out? Yeah, I'm just gonna go with demented. That pretty much sums up a band that has put out an album framed as a prolonged panic attack brought on by a fear of palindromes,...
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Now Hear Arctic Monkeys
How do you deal with the pressure of high expectations? When I was nominated for Best Supporting Part-Time Record Store Staff South of the Fraser River and North of the US Border, I melted down into a haze of drink,...
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Now Hear Conor Oberst
Hm. Bob Dylan singing Indie songs? Jack White does singer-songwriter? Sufjan Stevens channeling his inner country? Pretty much any of those descriptions could apply to Conor Oberst, whether he is busy being the heart of Brighteyes, playing with Desaperacidos, or...
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Now Hear Three Days Grace
Nickelback. Staind. Hoobastank. Avenged Sevenfold. It almost seems like Three Days Grace toured with as many bands as there were people living in their hometown of Norwood, Ontario! OK, so what if their "little town in the middle of nowhere"...
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