Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the results of our latest fever dream! A blog!

We have tonnes of records that we are super excited to have because we thought some of you would be also super excited to listen to and buy! Well, some of those records are still kicking around, and we weren't sure why. Then we thought, maybe we thought too highly of you and assumed you had taste. 🤦

Here's our attempt at instilling some taste into you, our fine customers! Our new blog, Now Hear This, is going to feature music.

Hopefully some of these bands are new to you, some you've probably never heard of. Some may be completely offensive to you, but hopefully, we'll help you find one new record that makes you feel something. 🥰.

Now Hear This

Now Hear Beyonce
When Beyoncé dropped 'Renaissance,' it was like she decided to throw a glamorous musical soiree for the entire galaxy. This album is more extra than a cat wearing a tiara riding a unicorn on a rainbow. From the first track,...
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Now Hear Neil Young
Ah, "Harvest" by Neil Young – the album that's been described as the sonic equivalent of cozying up by a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. But is it really a musical masterpiece, or did Neil Young accidentally drop...
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Now Hear A Tribe Called Quest
In the wild kingdom of hip-hop, where beats roam freely and rhymes grow like rhythmic vines, there exists a rare species known as "A Tribe Called Quest." These funky maestros are the safari guides to a musical adventure that's part...
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Now Hear Mac Miller
"Mac's Melodic Odyssey: A Spin through Circles, GO:OD AM, and Watching Movies With The Sound Off" 🎶 Act 1: "Circles" - A Roundabout Adventure 🎶 Mac Miller's "Circles." is like he took a detour through a cosmic carnival, hopped on...
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Now Hear Pink Floyd
Ah, Pink Floyd, the musical wizards who can turn your headphones into a time machine and your living room into a psychedelic playground. I know we've chatted about them before, but come on, it's Pink Floyd – they're like the...
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