Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the results of our latest fever dream! A blog!

We have tonnes of records that we are super excited to have because we thought some of you would be also super excited to listen to and buy! Well, some of those records are still kicking around, and we weren't sure why. Then we thought, maybe we thought too highly of you and assumed you had taste. 🤦

Here's our attempt at instilling some taste into you, our fine customers! Our new blog, Now Hear This, is going to feature music.

Hopefully some of these bands are new to you, some you've probably never heard of. Some may be completely offensive to you, but hopefully, we'll help you find one new record that makes you feel something. 🥰.

Now Hear This

Now Hear Madlib
Madlib, the elusive sonic sorcerer, is like a musical Picasso with a sampler instead of a paintbrush. His ability to weave together an auditory tapestry that's funkier than a disco-dancing chicken is nothing short of magical. From the moment you...
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Now Hear Alice In Chains
This week we thought we would take advantage of the Hollywood writer's strike to pitch a few ideas to the Studios. Hey, if you've got nothing else coming in to compare them to, maybe our ideas won't look so bad!...
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Now Hear Mammoth WVH
Hold on, you haven't heard of Mammoth WVH? Well, consider me flabbergasted! Let me introduce you to the majestic rock 'n' roll creature that is Mammoth WVH. Led by the one and only Wolfgang Van Halen, the band is a...
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Now Hear The Strokes
When it comes to The Strokes, one thing is for certain: they have an uncanny ability to transport you to a quirky escape-room world, where their music plays the role of the enigmatic game master. Just look at their debut...
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Now Hear The Barbie Soundtrack
Calling all fashionistas and dreamers! The Barbie Movie Soundtrack has arrived, and it's an audio extravaganza that will make you want to strut down the imaginary runway of life. From the moment you hit play, you'll be transported to a...
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