Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the results of our latest fever dream! A blog!

We have tonnes of records that we are super excited to have because we thought some of you would be also super excited to listen to and buy! Well, some of those records are still kicking around, and we weren't sure why. Then we thought, maybe we thought too highly of you and assumed you had taste. 🤦

Here's our attempt at instilling some taste into you, our fine customers! Our new blog, Now Hear This, is going to feature music.

Hopefully some of these bands are new to you, some you've probably never heard of. Some may be completely offensive to you, but hopefully, we'll help you find one new record that makes you feel something. 🥰.

Now Hear This

Now Hear This: Feel Good Edition
'Tis the season. The stores are overcrowded, the parking lots are chaos, and the roads are aggressive. Ahh, Christmas.Y'all need some Peace, Love, and Understanding...   First up: Peace First up is the timeless classic, "Give Peace a Chance" by...
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Now Hear Nirvana
Nirvana – the grunge gods who made flannel shirts cool again and gave every angst-ridden teen of the '90s a reason to believe that yes, someone out there understood their inner turmoil. Listening to Nirvana is like a time-traveling journey...
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Now Hear Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's Christmas album is like the holiday season itself—festive, over-the-top, and impossible to ignore. It's as if Mariah grabbed Santa by the beard and told him, "We're doing Christmas MY way this year." The album kicks off with "All...
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Now Hear The Guess Who
"The Guess Who," that quirky Canadian quartet, rocked stages and tickled eardrums for decades. Their album "American Woman" takes you on a journey through the groovy landscapes of the late '60s and early '70s. It's like a time machine, with...
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Now Hear Joy Division
"Joy Division: Bringing Joy to the Dark Side" Joy Division, the band that managed to make existential angst sound like a dance party, is a paradox wrapped in a mystery shrouded in a post-punk enigma. Listening to albums like 'Unknown...
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