Now Hear Mac Miller

Now Hear Mac Miller

"Mac's Melodic Odyssey: A Spin through Circles, GO:OD AM, and Watching Movies With The Sound Off"

🎶 Act 1: "Circles" - A Roundabout Adventure 🎶

Mac Miller's "Circles." is like he took a detour through a cosmic carnival, hopped on a musical Ferris wheel, and decided to ride the loop-de-loops of life. The album is so smooth; it's like butter on hot toast.


  • "Complicated" is like the soundtrack to figuring out your WiFi password while floating in space.
  • "Blue World" has beats so catchy, even your grandma would start breakdancing.

🎶 Act 2: "GO:OD AM" - Rise and Shine, It's Mac Morning! 🌅

Picture this: Mac Miller waking up, yawning, stretching, and deciding to make an album. "GO:OD AM" is the result - the soundtrack to your morning routine, whether you're a sunrise yogi or a snooze-button enthusiast. It's the musical equivalent of that first sip of coffee, only with more rhymes and fewer caffeine jitters.


  • "Weekend" is the anthem for those who start partying on a Monday because life is just too short for ordinary weekends.
  • "ROS" is the love letter you never knew you needed, complete with beats that'll make your heart skip a beat.

🎶 Act 3: "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" - Mac's Cinematic Masterpiece 🎬

Welcome to Mac Miller's movie night extravaganza! "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" is like a film festival in your ears. Mac takes you on a cinematic trip, weaving through scenes of introspection, laughter, and maybe a few psychedelic moments. It's like he handed you a golden ticket to the weirdest and most wonderful cinematic experience of your life.


  • "Objects in the Mirror" is the ballad you'll play on repeat when you're contemplating life, love, and the meaning of it all.
  • "S.D.S." is the high-energy, head-bopping track that makes you feel like you're the star of your own action movie.

🎭 Finale: Mac's Musical Buffet 🎭

In the grand finale, Mac Miller invites you to his musical feast. These three albums are like different courses, each offering a unique flavor. "Circles" is the dessert - sweet, satisfying, and a perfect way to end the meal. "GO:OD AM" is the energizing main course that keeps you going all day. And "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" is the appetizer that leaves you hungry for more of Mac's musical magic.

So, there you have it - Mac Miller's trilogy of tunes, a harmonious journey through his melodic wonderland. Whether you're a hip-hop head, or just someone who likes good music, these albums are a treat for the ears and a feast for the soul.

These albums also happen to be on sale on our prebuys this week! Maybe you can use the money you save on this musical buffet to go have a breakfast buffet this weekend!

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Now Hear A Classic: Gorillaz

Hold on to your bananas because Gorillaz just kicked open the door to the animated dimension of music! The self-titled debut album is like a wild ride through a Saturday morning cartoon marathon mixed with a funky dance party. It's the musical equivalent of eating cereal in your PJs while watching a gorilla play the keytar.

  • "Clint Eastwood" is the anthem for anyone who ever wanted a gorilla as their spirit animal. Oh, and who knew Del the Funky Homosapien would sound so good rapping next to a cartoon?
  • "Tomorrow Comes Today" is the perfect track for a chill day when you're contemplating life's big questions, like why hasn't anyone made a gorilla superhero movie yet?

Things got a bit darker in the Gorillaz universe with "Demon Days" It's like the band took a left turn at the animated rainbow and ended up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with funky beats. Who knew the end of the world could be this catchy?

  • "Feel Good Inc." is the ultimate bop about consumerism and windmills. Because nothing says dance party like contemplating the state of the world.
  • "El Mañana" is the slow jam for the end of days. Who wouldn't want to ride off into the sunset with 2D, Noodle, Murdoc, and Russel?

Just when you thought Gorillaz couldn't get any weirder, they drop "Cracker Island" It's like they traded their virtual instruments for ukuleles and set sail on a pirate ship made of recycled vinyl records. Welcome to the weirdest tropical island vacation of your life!

  • "Pirate's Cove" is the reggae-infused anthem for all the sea-loving, rum-drinking pirates out there. Who knew animated characters could have so much swag?
  • "Coconut Cabana" is the laid-back jam that'll make you wish you were sipping a coconut drink on a virtual beach with 2D and the gang.

With these 3 albums, Gorillaz present their musical variety show, featuring animated antics, post-apocalyptic dance-offs, and a surprise tropical twist. They prove that Gorillaz are not just a band; they're an animated experience, a virtual circus of sound, and a bunch of characters who make you question reality while grooving to the beat.

They may be virtual, but their music is as real as it gets. Head on over to our Prebuys for this week, and buy yourself some discounted tickets on a wild ride with the most animated band on the planet!

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