Barry Manilow ‎– Live (2 discs)
Barry Manilow ‎– Live (2 discs)

Barry Manilow ‎– Live (2 discs)

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Act I
A1 Riders To The Stars 4:48
A2 Why Don't We Live Together 3:45
A3 Looks Like We Made It 4:00
A4 New York City Rhythm 5:12
A Very Strange Medley (V.S.M.) (6:10)
B1a Kentucky Fried Chicken
B1b State Farm Insurance
B1c Stridex
B1d Band-aids
B1e Bowlene
B1f Dr. Pepper
B1g Pepsi
B1h Mc Donalds
Jump Shout Boogie Medley (8:16)
B2a Jump Shout Boogie
B2b Avenue C
B2c Jumpin' At The Woodside
B2d Cloudburst
B2e Bandstand Boogie
B3 This One's For You 4:14
Act II
C1 Beautiful Music (Part 1) 2:02
C2 Daybreak 4:17
C3 Lay Me Down 4:41
C4 Weekend In New England 4:16
C5 Studio Musician 4:15
D1 Beautiful Music (Part 2) 1:15
D2 Could It Be Magic/Mandy 8:00
D3 It's A Miracle 5:14
D4 It's Just Another New Years Eve 4:21
D5 I Write The Songs
D6 Beautiful Music (Part 3) 6:52