Iggy And The Stooges – From KO To Chaos (CD/DVD BOX SET)
Iggy And The Stooges – From KO To Chaos (CD/DVD BOX SET)

Iggy And The Stooges – From KO To Chaos (CD/DVD BOX SET)

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Metallic 'KO (Original 1976 Album)
1-1 Raw Power
1-2 Head On
1-3 Gimme Danger
1-4 Rich Bitch
1-5 Cock In My Pocket
1-6 Iggy/Audience
1-7 Louie Louie
Metallic 2xKO (The Full Tape From Michigan Palace, Detroit, October 6 1973)
2-1 Raw Power
2-2 Head On
2-3 Gimme Danger
2-4 Search And Destroy
2-5 Heavy Liquid
2-6 Open Up and Bleed
Metallic 'KO (The Full Final Show Tape, Michigan Palace, Detroit, February 9 1974)
3-1 Heavy Liquid
3-2 I Got Nothing
3-3 Rich Bitch
3-4 Gimme Danger
3-5 Cock In My Pocket
3-6 Louie Louie
We Are Not Talking About Commercial Shit!
4-1 The Winter of My Discontent
4-2 Batman Theme
4-3 Louie Louie/Hang On Sloopy
4-4 No Fun/Waiting For My Man
4-5 96 Tears
4-6 I'm Crying
4-7 I'm Alright
4-8 One For My Baby
4-9 Hassles
4-10 Puppet World
4-11 Puppet World
4-12 Flesh & Blood
4-13 Family Affair
4-14 You Really Got Me
Bonus Tracks
4-15 I Wanna Be Your Dog
4-16 I Wanna Be Your Dog
4-17 I Wanna Be Your Dog
Wake Up! Suckers
5-1 I Got A Right
5-2 Gimme Some Skin
5-3 Gimme Danger
5-4 Heavy Liquid
5-5 I Got Nothing
5-6 Rock Action
5-7 Modern Guy
5-8 Run Like A Villain
5-9 Eat Or Be Eaten
5-10 Sixteen
5-11 Woman Dream
5-12 Love Bone
Bonus Trakcs
5-13 Fire Engine
5-14 Warrior Tribe
5-15 Mule Skinner
Acoustics KO DVD
Barcelona Acoustics KO Show
6-1 Mixing The Colors
6-2 Louie Louie
6-3 I Wanna Be Your Dog
6-4 Pablo Picasso
6-5 Loose
6-6 Gloria
6-7 Social Life
6-8 Highway Song
6-9 Beside You
Paris Electrifying Show
6-10 Intro
6-11 Down On The Street
6-12 I Won't Crap Out
6-13 Loose
6-14 Brick By Brick
6-15 Butt Town
6-17 1969
Bonus Tracks
6-18 Skyography
6-19 Planet Of Dogs
6-20 Miss Argentina
Acoustic KO CD
7-1 Butt Town
7-2 Foolish Dreams
7-3 Beggar
7-4 The Wind
7-5 Starry Night
7-6 Brick By Brick
7-7 I Am
7-8 Think Alone
7-9 LA Blues
7-10 Nightclubbing
Telluric Chaos
8-1 Loose
8-2 Down On The Street
8-3 1969
8-4 I Wanna Be Your Dog
8-5 TV Eye
8-6 Dirt
8-7 Real Cool Time
8-8 No Fun
8-9 1970
8-10 Fun House
8-11 Skull Ring
8-12 Dead Rock Star
8-13 Little Electric Chair
8-14 Little Doll
8-15 My Idea of Fun
8-16 I Wanna Be Your Dog (2)
8-17 Not Right

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