Now Hear Wye Oak

Now Hear Wye Oak

Look. They are an indie-rock, singer-songwriter duo that named themselves after a 460-year-old tree. Some of the songs on their first album were named "Archaic Smile", "Orchard Fair", and "A Lawn To Mow".

You know exactly what they sound like. Dreamy, melodic, introspective. If you need to calm the f@#k down; if stress is not your friend; or if you just wanna chill out, give Wye Oak a listen.

We heard a bit of Mitski, or perhaps Band of Horses when listening to the mellow and melancholic "I Don't Feel Young". What will you hear? 

Wye Oak - If Children

Now Hear a Classic: Ted Nugent

He was one of the biggest rock stars of the late 70s and early 80's, and you know his multi-platinum albums like Cat Scratch Fever and Double Live Gonzo. But did you know he also starred in his own outdoor television program, hosted reality TV shows, and even considered a run for President?

Mr. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang for President! 😄 We'll leave his politics aside here, and just enjoy the high energy of Cat Scratch Fever, Scream Dream, and Wango Tango while driving waay too fast with the stereo turned up waay too loud!

If you got em, clean off the basement storage dust before playing, or grab a few of his albums here.

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