Now Hear Tokyo Police Club

Now Hear Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club, as you would expect from the name, is an indie rock outfit comprised of a handful of anglos from Toronto, who, as far as anyone knows, have never been to Japan.

And just like any good cop, they released high energy rock, evolving from brash, raw rock, to a more introspective sound, and swinging back again.   Drawing comparisons to The Pixies, The Buzzcocks, and The Strokes, they exude driving, rocking fun.


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Now Hear A Classic: Pixies

Nirvana.  Weezer.  Radiohead.  PJ Harvey.  The Strokes.  Arcade Fire.  All were inspired by Pixies, one of alternative rock's most influential bands.

A mashup of indie rock with punk attitude, surfer rock intensity, blazing guitar solos, and whacked-out lyrics about everything from sex to religion to pop culture, the sound was definitely unconventional, attention-grabbing, and addictive.

Give yourself the gift of listening to the group that laid the foundation that so many globally massive bands built upon.


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