Now Hear Three Days Grace

Now Hear Three Days Grace

Nickelback. Staind. Hoobastank. Avenged Sevenfold. It almost seems like Three Days Grace toured with as many bands as there were people living in their hometown of Norwood, Ontario!

OK, so what if their "little town in the middle of nowhere" is just over an hour's drive from Toronto: it makes for a great origin story anyway. They paid their dues, gigging anywhere that would take them, including opening for movies in the local theatre. They never played at Redrum Records, but to be fair, after all of the Ontario jokes we have made over the years, you can't really blame them. (remember their hit song: (I HATE) Everything About Toronto?)

If you can get past their Ontario origins (😂), there is a lot to like about their dark, angst-ridden alternative metal. (I Hate) Everything About You; Animal I Have Become; So-Called Life. You know their hits. Do yourself a solid and listen through the whole album. These Canadian heavyweights of post-grunge alternative rock have got a lot to say, and it all sounds great!

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Now Hear a Classic: Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart rocks.

OK. There. We said it.

If there ever was an artist who does not get the respect he deserves in record shops around the world, it is our boy Rod. People skip by his albums in the bins, joke with each other about him when anyone else is around, and try to stick his LP at the bottom of the pile when they do bring him up to the counter.

We don't know why anyone would be embarrassed for the world to know that you just bought "Maggie May", "You Wear It Well", "I Don't Want To Talk About It", or "Tonight's The Night".

If it helps, we do have paper bags to hide your purchases. But then it would just look weird when you walked out of the shop singing "Do You Think I'm Sexy". We think it's better to be loud and proud and just say along with us: "I Love Rod Stewart"!

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