Now Hear The Flaming Lips

Now Hear The Flaming Lips

We have a guest writer this week. We asked Grandma to review 2 artists for us.


Featured Artist: The Flaming Lips

Outrageous! That's the only word I can use to describe this band, the Flaming Lips. I've never heard such nonsense in my life. They call it music, but it's nothing more than a bunch of noise. I don't understand how anyone can listen to this and call it enjoyable.

The lyrics are even worse. They're full of references to drugs, sex, and other forms of debauchery. It's no wonder our youth are going down the wrong path when this is the kind of music they're listening to. I can't even imagine what kind of message this band is trying to send with their music.

In short, I would advise anyone with any sense to steer clear of this band and their so-called music. I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy. It's a disgrace to the art form of music and an affront to all that is good and decent. If you want to listen to something worthwhile, stick with the music of our generation. At least it had some semblance of morality.


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Now Hear A Classic: Eric Clapton

Oh my goodness, Eric Clapton is just the most talented musician. I've been a fan of his for decades, and every time I hear one of his songs, it takes me back to a different time in my life. His music has a way of evoking such strong emotions and memories. I always listen to "Tears in Heaven" on repeat whenever I am feeling sad. It is so comforting and helps me find balance.

His guitar playing is just out of this world. It's so smooth and effortless, it's like he was born to play. I've never heard anyone else play like him. He's got such a unique style, and it's so recognizable. I always tell my grandkids that if they want to learn how to play the guitar, they should start by listening to Eric Clapton. He's the best in the business, hands down.

I also appreciate his longevity in the music industry. He's been around for so long and has always managed to stay relevant. He's always been able to evolve and adapt to new styles and trends while still staying true to his roots. He's a true artist and a true gentleman. I am so grateful to have been able to enjoy his music throughout my life and I look forward to continue listening to his music in the future.


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