Now Hear Swollen Members

Now Hear Swollen Members

Ok, ok. Before all you 14 year olds out there giggle yourselves to death, Swollen Members is serious business.

This Vancouver based rap group has serious chops, being one of only 3 bands initialled into the Rock Steady Crew, having had their work featured on movie soundtracks, and even on computer games.

...and even on computer games, the trio of Madchild, Prevail, and Rob the Viking kicked serious ass.

They have worked with a veritable who's who of rap illuminaries while touring the world.


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Now Hear A Classic: Bob Seger

The gravelly-voiced chronicler of a generation, Bob Seger's roots, rock sound, and inciteful writing made him a mainstream rock superstar.

His early career sputtered along in fits and starts, even seeing him drop out of the music scene to go back to college in the late 60's. Lucky for us, he persevered, finally finding his footing in the early 70's, when he began churning out # 1 gold hits and platinum albums.

Whether the golden nuggets of 'Katmandu', 'You'll Accompany Me', 'Rock and Roll Never Forgets', or 'Hollywood Nights' trigger magical memories for you. Or if you want to hear for yourself what the fuss was all about...


All Bob Seger Albums Here

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