Now Hear Owen Pallett

Now Hear Owen Pallett

Another Canadian with his fingers in many delicious musical pies, he is a singer, songwriter, violinist, producer, and arranger.

His buffet of musical work includes being a member of The Hidden Cameras and Les Mouches, as well as working with Arcade Fire, Fucked Up, Beirut, the Mountain Goats, and literally dozens of others. Did we mention that he composed the score for the Spike Jonze film 'Her'?

Just consider the fact that he performed avante garde orchestral pop under the nom de plum Final Fantasy (in a nod to the Japanese videogame), and that he toured as the go-to violinist for Arcade Fire, and you can more or less taste the delicious musical snack that is Owen Pallett.


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Now Hear A Classic: The Pointer Sisters

"I'm So Excited" to announce that "Yes We Can" "Jump (For My Love). It's pretty much "Automatic" that things will catch "Fire" if you "Dare Me". My buddy would help put it out with a "Slow Hand", but "He's So Shy" that "I Need You" to.... aw, forget it.

You get it. They were absolute monsters, pumping out hit after hit after hit across a whole range of genres. You know their funk and disco, but they also dropped hits in boogie-woogie, bebop, blues, soft rock, electro pop, hard rock, and even country — yes, country!!

There is quite literally too much to say about the Pointer Sisters. All you can do is drop some wax on your turntable and remind yourself of just why they were so ubiquitous for decades — they absolutely derserved it!


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