Now Hear Mitski

Now Hear Mitski

Japanese? American? Turkish? Who cares? Mitski was born in Japan and lived in no less than 13 countries before settling in the USA. That wide world experience in such a young artist shines through when this singer-songwriter writes her candid lyrics set to catchy indie rock.

Her focus on society, identity, and isolation speak volumes to a whole shit ton of people in the world today. Released in fairly limited runs, her albums always sell out quickly when we get our hands on any.

Mitski - Puberty 2

Mitski - Be The Cowboy

Mitski - Laurel Hell

Now hear a classic: Asia

Having been abandoned at birth, and raised by monks at a Shaolin temple deep within the misty mountains of central China, this group of 4 Asian kids.......hey, wait a minute!

That looks suspiciously like a famous prog rock super group made up of members of King Crimson, ELP, and Yes!

OK, so maybe they aren't 'Kung Fu Fighting, but their songs went up the charts as 'fast as lightning, with their very first album delivering the huge hit 'Heat of the Moment'. Yeah, you heard it as soon as you read it. Now it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day! You're welcome.

As usual, we recommend you take out your old copies (be sure to give them a good cleaning before you play them!), or drop by our stores to pick up a copy of any of their albums. Check out all of our Asia albums HERE.

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