Now Hear Metric

Now Hear Metric

The Toronto-based alt rock band seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. Fronted by the Debby Harry-esque Emily Haines, their sound is instantly recognizable; but we bet you can't name one of their songs off the top of your head!

Then, you hear "Breathing Underwater", slap your forehead, and go " of course!" Then you go home, dust off your Blond Redhead, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, or even the old Psychelic Furs albums you have laying around, and have a good time.

Trying to think of another song brings a few names almost to the tip of your tongue, but you can't quite grasp them. Until you hear "Gold Guns Girls" or " Gimme Sympathy" and realize you hear their new wave/synth pop songs on the radio all the time.

Why go through all the mental anguish of actually thinking so hard? Just buy yourself some Metric today, and let their music do all the heavy lifting for you.



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Now Hear A Classic: Jackson Browne

Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne. The Holy Trinity of early 70's singer/songwriters. No matter how old you are, you probably grew up with their work as a big part of the soundtrack of your life.

Apart from his own many, many hits, Jackson Browne also co-wrote the Eagles break-out hit "Take It Easy", and well before that, played with The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tim Buckley, Nico, and others.

His songs have been recorded by such diverse acts as Linda Rondstatt and the Byrds. He has toured with just about everybody who ever made music, and his huge discography means you can always find at least a few of his albums in stock at your favourite record shop (as long as your favourite record shop is Redrum 🤣)



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