Now Hear Metallica

Now Hear Metallica

We have a guest reviewer this week who's here to remind you it's never too early to shop for Christmas: Santa!


Featured Artist: Metallica

Hohoho, metalheads and merry rockin' Christmas! It's your heavy metal Santa here, sliding down the riff-laden chimney to deliver a festive review of the mighty Metallica. These guys have been on my naughty list since the '80s, and let me tell you, they've aged like a fine barrel of Christmas eggnog. Metallica is the gift that keeps on headbanging. They've crafted a sonic sleigh ride through the snow-covered peaks of metal mastery.

Don't you just get a shiver down your spine from James Hetfield's vocals – that man could make a reindeer shed a tear. His growls are as powerful as my ho-ho-hos, and his guitar skills are hotter than the flames on my yule log. Lars Ulrich on the drums is the rhythm keeper, the beat maker, the man behind the jingle bells of metal. And let's not forget Kirk Hammett – the wizard of the six-string, conjuring solos that could melt snowmen in seconds.

But hold your mistletoe, because we can't overlook the bass master, Robert Trujillo. He lays down basslines deeper than the North Pole and funkier than my elves on a dance floor. Metallica's music is like a Christmas feast for the ears – a headbanging banquet that leaves you more satisfied than Mrs. Claus after a successful cookie-baking marathon.


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Now Hear A Classic: Michael Bublé

Ho-ho-ho, my festive friends! Santa's here with a merry musical review, and this time we're dashing through the snow with the crooner extraordinaire, Michael Bublé! Now, this man's voice is smoother than a cup of cocoa on a chilly winter night. When he sings, it's like he's wrapping each note in tinsel and placing it gently under the Christmas tree of your heart.

Let's talk about Bublé's album, "Christmas." It's like finding the perfect present under the tree – joyous, full of surprises, and guaranteed to make your spirits soar higher than Rudolph on Christmas Eve. The man's rendition of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" is so swingin' that even the elves can't resist tapping their pointy shoes. I played it in the workshop, and toy production went up by 50%. That's the Bublé effect, my friends – turning the North Pole into the jolliest place on Earth.

And oh, the way he wraps his voice around "White Christmas" is like a musical snowfall. It's so enchanting that I caught Mrs. Claus humming it while baking gingerbread cookies. Michael Bublé is the musical equivalent of a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cold winter's night – he wraps you in melody, sprinkles a bit of magic, and leaves you with a smile as wide as my toy sack. So, this Christmas, treat yourself to some Bublé tunes – it's the gift that keeps on giving, just like the joy of the season. Hohoho and sing along!


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