Now Hear Machine Gun Kelly

Now Hear Machine Gun Kelly

Is he a rapper?  A hard rocker? An emo grunger? An actor?  If you have not been following his career from the very beginning, you could be excused for not really knowing exactly what kind of artist Machine Gun Kelly is.

Think of it this way.  He has had the normal career arc you might expect from a decades-old band that has been around forever, changing their style with the times - - but he has done it all in just a few years.

You'll love the bullet-speed rapping from his earlier efforts like Lace Up and General Admission if you are a fan of Eminem, Mac Miller, or Post Malone.  Hard rock fans will find a lot to like in his later works, starting from Hotel Diablo.

As for his acting career: um. Hey.  We're record guys.  We're just gonna have to leave that one to you.


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Now Hear A Classic: April Wine

OK, so they have their earliest roots in Newfoundland, sort of got going in Halifax, and misunderstood a rejection letter from a record label, so they turned up in Montreal anyway, where the guys from the label promptly booked them — to play in a comedy club.

From there, they spent a few years mainly on the eastern Canadian college / university pub circuit, eventually working their way to opening for bigger and bigger acts, like Ike & Tina Turner, Jethro Tull, and even Stevie Wonder.

They finally started putting out hit music, which got the attention of the organizers of a charity concert at El Mocambo in Toronto, where they were the co-headliners for a group called —The Cockroaches.

Who turned out to actually be The Rolling Stones, who were impressed enough to book them to open on their US tour.   From then on, they played with a virtual who's who of top acts, from Neil Young to King Crimson and a ton of big names in between.

Monster hits like Just Between You and Me, I Like To Rock, Sign of the Gypsy Queen, Enough is Enough and so many others bought them a place in our hearts — and in our record collections.

Not bad at all for a handful of Newfie, eh Bie?


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