Now Hear Kendrick Lamar

Now Hear Kendrick Lamar

Compton.  Gang Activity.  Songs with titles like "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe".

Whether you are a rap fan or not, you have probably already formed an opinion on what Kendrick Lamar is all about, just based on that intro.

If you fall into the 'not a rap fan' camp, you may be doing yourself a disservice if you dismiss his music 'just because'.

As rap fans have discovered, Kendrick has a lot to say.  Even if you cannot personally identify with his life experiences, maybe you can appreciate his exceptional storytelling abilities, or perhaps recognize some of his mainstream music on the soundtrack for Black Panther, or acknowledge that someone who has won 13 Grammys has something serious to say.

You can look at his music as social commentary; you can delve into the incredibly rich body of collaborative work and trace the many connections to Hip Hop royalty.

Or, you can be like us, and just enjoy the hell out of the music, 'just because'


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Now Hear A Classic: Genesis

Our stores are based in Surrey, so we thought we would do a bit of a local feature.  We chose The Garden Wall and Anon, 2 local bands that merged and called themselves The New Anon.

This group of 14 and 15 year olds hacked around for a few years, heavily into folksy, lyrical, poetic psychedelia, which was very much in vogue during their early years in the mid 60's.

They eventually changed their name, and started churning through band members, especially drummers, until they settled on Phil Collins.   The rest, as they say, is history.

On top of massive albums like Nursery Cryme, Wind and Wuthering, Abacab and many more, Genesis was the launchpad for the solo careers of Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, and, of course, the superstar status of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

Huh?  What's that? Oh.  OK.

Yeah, so it turns out they are actually from a different Surrey, one over in the UK.  But, we think we will just claim them as our own anyway.


All Genesis Albums Here

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