Now Hear Imagine Dragons

Now Hear Imagine Dragons

Imagine going to university in a small city of just 100,000 people. Imagine that city is dominated by one particular religion. Imagine forming a band there. Imagine the limited opportunities. Imagine moving to Las Vegas; imagine the change.

Now, Imagine Dragons.

Within just a few years of relocating to Sin City, they hit the jackpot. Their arena-rock energy, EDM-inspired music and big, catchy pop choruses resonated, and they became a force on the record charts.

Distinctive style, driving percussion, high energy, a bit of rap, some almost gospel-level intensity: this music is just as much fun - and just as addictive - as a high end glitzy Vegas casino.

Unlike a Vegas casino, when you buy an Imagine Dragons album, you're a guaranteed winner!



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Now Hear A Classic: Loverboy

A global recession. A global epidemic. Russian troops invading a neighbouring country. Rising nationalisam around the world.

Nope. Not talking about 2022. More like 1982. Things were dark and scary. The world needed a hero.

Cue dramatic theme.......


In a time of almost unrelenting bad news, they delivered a string of hits to distract us, and remind us that there was still a lot of fun to be had. Powerfully catchy music that still gets airplay today, 40 years later.

The Kid Is Hot Tonight, Hot Girls in Love, Working for the Weekend, Turn Me Loose.... 3 or 4 minutes of pure positive fun. Who is going to step up to be our newest hero in 2022?



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