Now Hear Gilla Band (Girl Band)

Now Hear Gilla Band (Girl Band)

Noise rock? Techno punk? Electronic freak out?

Yeah, I'm just gonna go with demented. That pretty much sums up a band that has put out an album framed as a prolonged panic attack brought on by a fear of palindromes, which includes a track sung exclusively in palindromes.

The Artists Previously Known as Girl Band (now Gilla Band) combine slam poetry and spoken word with grinding and whining backgrounds that would be perfectly at home in a slasher movie. Throw in abrupt quiet gaps and repetitive droning and you get some hooky, disquieting music.

Think Japandroids, Pissed Jeans, or maybe Tropical Fuck Storm and you are closing in on their sound. But you're really gonna have to hear these 4 demented Irish lads for yourself to really get it.

It's worth the trip!

Check out their limited edition album here!

Now hear a Classic: Toronto

The 1980s were marked by corny television; the beginning of the end of the Soviet bloc, the arrival of Japanese cars as a mainstream choice instead of a quirky alternative embraced by hippies; and the rise of Toronto.

The band, not the town.

Look, we get it. You live on the West Coast, so you think you have to automatically dismiss anything that comes from 'out east'.

But why deny yourself the guilty pleasure of revisiting such classics as "What About Love?" (yes, this actually was a Toronto hit well before Heart covered it), or what some people view as an early feminist anthem in "Your Daddy Don't Know (What Your Momma's Gonna Do Tonight)"?

Albums here!

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