Now Hear First Aid Kit

Now Hear First Aid Kit

They impressed Jack White, were befriended by Conor Oberst, played Glastonbury, and worked with R.E.M's Peter Buck, Wilco's Glen Kotche, and The Decembrists' Tucker Martine. So, yes, they've got the pedigree. But are they any good?

Yes! First Aid Kit hails from Sweden, but they sound like Adele channeling her inner Dolly Parton. Folksy Americana with a sophisticated delivery. They have a bit of a fixation on Leonard Cohen, and his moody, thoughtful influence shows. You can also tell they are big fans of Fleet Foxes.

Just really, really good folk pop. We prescribe the healing power of their music to counteract all of the shouty anger going on in the world today. Or you can insert your own First Aid Kit pun. However you get there, make sure you give them a listen.

First Aid Kit - Ruins

First Aid Kit – Who By Fire - Live Tribute To Leonard Cohen

Now Hear a Classic: Nazareth

In the Stone Age, there were already early settlements on the north shore of the Firth of Forth. In the Bronze Age, it became the burying place of Scottish kings. And in the Rock Age, Nazareth was formed in the town of Dunfermline.

With a history almost as long as the town they came from, as of 2022 Nazareth has put out an incredible 25 albums, but they are most famous for their early 70's efforts. During that Golden Age of Hard Rock, they mined such timeless nuggets as "Bad Bad Boy", "Broken Down Angel", "This Flight Tonight", "Hair Of The Dog", "Love Hurts", and more.

These songs and others have all survived into the Information Age, and are available digitally. However, purists, archivists, fans, and anyone with any sort of sense at all prefer to consume them via the analog medium of vinyl 33 1/3 recordings.

To continue research for your PhD in Head Banging, you can access more study materials here:

All Nazareth Albums

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