Now Hear Eric Chenaux

Now Hear Eric Chenaux

Ladies and Gentlemen, directly from the south of France, we are pleased to introduce Mr Eric Chenaux.

This crooner is originally from Toronto, and was a key figure in that city's improv and indie music scene.

Lush, trippy, experimental chill music, overlaid with hypnotic, crooning vocals. Reminiscent of Vetiver or Sufjan Stevens, this is great music to just sit and while away time, and let the frantic world pass on by outside your window.


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Now Hear A Classic: Severed Heads

OK, so let's get this out of the way. Severed Heads music is probably NOT what you think it is.

It is not scary Norwegian death metal that leaves you with nightmares if you are accidentally exposed to it. It isn't full on screamo-horror punk that can give you a sympathetic sore throat just by listening to it. Nor is it a collection of Santeria voodoo curses.

That's what it's not. It's a bit harder to explain what it IS. They were a pioneering alternative music group from Australia, that was originally called Mr and Mrs No Smoking Sign, that incorporated found sounds, tape loops and full-on noise into their experimental industrial synth pop.

Maybe it is easier to understand them as sort of alternative experimental indie electronica dance rock? Or maybe it helps to compare them with Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, or Skinny Puppy?

What we're trying to say is: try it — you'll like it! We guarantee you won't get nightmares, a sore throat, or a curse (unless you play it backwards: then we make no promises!)

Mainstream? Nope. Fantastic? We think so.


All Severed Heads Albums Here

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