Now Hear Conor Oberst

Now Hear Conor Oberst

Hm. Bob Dylan singing Indie songs? Jack White does singer-songwriter? Sufjan Stevens channeling his inner country?

Pretty much any of those descriptions could apply to Conor Oberst, whether he is busy being the heart of Brighteyes, playing with Desaperacidos, or doing solo work.

His trembling vocals, acoustic guitar, and confessional approach to songwriting make for an intimate experience. Rainy days, evenings in front of the fireplace, or late-night beach bonfires are the natural habitat for this stuff.

The hair. The swagger. The hits. All epic. So, how is it you managed to mistake these guys for someone else everytime you hear them?

Conor Oberst Albums

Now hear a classic: The Romantics

"I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep"? You probably think " Ah, yes, that is clearly the band Yes". "What I like about you"? You've confidently told your friends that was by the Kinks. "Love Me To The Max"? That was by Bryan Adams, wasn't it?

Look. It's not our job to straighten you out. But, considering how much you enjoyed these songs and more, maybe you should pick up a few of their albums for further study.

There will be a quiz.

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