Now Hear Belle and Sebastian

Now Hear Belle and Sebastian

Harmonies. Poetry. Songcraft. Belle and Sebastian.

This twee band from Scotland is critically acclaimed, but never achieved huge commercial success. These Glaswegians have not been widely heard on the North American airwaves, which is real shan, because, och, they're rocket bawbag!

Indie pop in the vein of Broken Social Scene, The Decembrists, and Badly Drawn Boy. Fans of Franz Ferdinand should also give this a listen.

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Now Hear A Classic: The Doobie Brothers

OK, so 'yacht-rock' sounds like a weird label for a band whose earliest success came in Hell's Angels clubs in Calfornia. But after a quick mental re-visit of some of their top hits, it kinda makes sense.

The Doobie Brothers are one of those bands who had just so damned many hits, that listing them does not leave much space for any kind of review notes. So, we will just list some of their best, and leave the rest up to you

Black Water, What A Fool Believes, Listen To The Music, Long Train Running, China Grove, It Keeps You Running, Minute By Minute, Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me), Takin' It To The Streets.....

(Re-)discover what the Hell's Angels figured out early on about these Rock and Roll Hall of Famers here.

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