Now Hear Arctic Monkeys

Now Hear Arctic Monkeys

How do you deal with the pressure of high expectations? When I was nominated for Best Supporting Part-Time Record Store Staff South of the Fraser River and North of the US Border, I melted down into a haze of drink, drugs, and rock & roll.

But when the Arctic Monkeys were hailed as the heirs apparent to Oasis, they put out the fastest selling debut album in UK history and saw their first album listed as one of the Top 5 British albums ever released Their response was simply to deliver hit, after hit, after hit.

Their nervy and literate indie rock sound has some beef to it (incorporating the frontman from Queens of the Stone Age helped there). With a dreamy, "lounge-y" groove and witty lyrics, they have lived up to expectations.

Have they dethroned Oasis in the hearts and souls of the public? "Do I Wanna Know"? All I know for sure is "There'd Better Be A Mirrorball"!

Lucky for you, we aren't monkeying around, so we carry loads of:

Arctic Monkeys albums HERE


Now hear a Classic: Chilliwack

The Classics. The Collectors. Chilliwack. Maybe the reviewers got tired or confused with all of the name changes, and simply gave up.

How else do you explain how these guys get no lovin' from the big-time reviewers? When the best they can come up with is "the band had several Canadian hits from their 13 albums", you gotta wonder.

I mean. I'm lazy. I'm a reviewer. And even I think that is a slack-ass piece of work.

OK, I'm no pro, but, come on! Can you listen to "Fly at Night" without waving your arms around like a stoned seagull looking for lunch? Can you hear "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone) without chanting the chorus like some slightly demented person for the rest of the day? And, wat'chu gonna do when "What'chu Gonna Do?" comes on? Maybe dance in your office chair a bit, co-workers' funny looks be damned!

Several Canadian hits?? Yeah, thank you, clearly non-Canadian reviewers. Several Canadian rock anthems, thank you very much!!

You can thumb your nose at those reviews by buying:

Chilliwack albums HERE

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