Now Hear Algiers

Now Hear Algiers

London. New York. Atlanta. Gospel. Noise. Industrial. Blues. Post-punk. Nina Simone. John Lee Hooker. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Interpol. Take all of that. Mix it up, and pour out some Algiers.

This. Is. Really. Good. Stuff. Social commentary. Presented in a very modern Industrial framework, underpinned by blues beats and gospel hooks. Hard to describe, but very easy to listen to! This will appeal to a very wide spectrum of music aficionados.

It may seem strange to recommend one group to fans of such diverse genres as Blues, Gospel, Noise, Industrial and Punk, but once you hear it, it will all make sense. You're gonna love it!

Algiers – Algiers

Algiers – The Underside Of Power

Algiers – There Is No Year

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