Now Hear A Place To Bury Strangers

Now Hear A Place To Bury Strangers

Once hailed as New York's loudest band, APTBS has always remained true to the creed that pedals should be stomped, and that more is....well, more. Their ear-splitting yet melodic sound earned them a place on tour with Nine Inch Nails and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, where their heavy post-rock, smouldering shoegaze, and space-rock sound gained them a loyal following.

6 albums later, APTBS just keeps rocking from strength to strength. Perfect addition to the collection for Jesus and Mary Chain fans, DIIV, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and TV Priest.

Keep Slipping Away (2022RSD)

See Through You (Indie Exclusive)

Now Hear a Classic: Pat Benatar

Rightfully hailed as one of the most popular female vocalists of the '80s, an arena rocker with power chords, tough sexuality, and powerful vocals, Pat Benatar had a string of incredible hits that — come on, admit it — you still know the words to today.

Heartbreaker, Love is a Battlefield, We Belong, I Need A Lover, Treat Me Right, You Better Run, Hit Me With Your Best Shot... I mean, come on. If Pat Benatar did not provide the soundtrack to a big ass chunk of your life, well, then you definitely missed out on something special.

You have the albums. In The Heat of the Night. Crimes of Passion. Precious Time. Get Nervous. And more. Dig them out. Listen to them again. And again. If your copy is too beat up or your friend never returned the album you loaned them, come on down and get one of ours.

You'll be glad you did.

Crimes of Passion

In The Heat Of The Night

Get Nervous

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