Pre-order deals for big savings!

Upcoming new releases plus some cool older stuff, all at great discounts!

What the heck is a Pre-Order?

They are special deals for special people.

We work hard to find good deals. In the music world, those are rarer than platinum selling polka records — but they do exist.

We also troll all the major labels and lots of independents looking for upcoming releases, to get on their wait-lists early.

But to get these extremely time sensitive deals, you need to move fast, and we need to buy big.

1. You pre-pay for a deal.

2. We place an order with the supplier.

All Pre-orders are limited time, limited quantity deals.

Limited Time because when we find a deal, or when the latest release stock arrives it is very likely that it sells out before we confirm our order with the supplier. Unless we move FAST

*If stock sells out before the deal closes with the supplier, your money is refunded.

Limited Quantity because deals like this always sell out super fast. No Rainchecks!

*If our order does not meet shipping minimums, your money is refunded.

These are not backordered deals, so they do not take months. Most orders arrive within 7-10 business days after being placed with the supplier.

*Please note, your order will arrive at a Redrum Records location.


The order is only a deal for you if a minimum quantity is shipped. Unless you are ordering the minimum quantity (usually 50-100), we must ship to a Redrum Records location.

You can opt for an in-store pickup, or we can ship to your address for an additional shipping fee after it arrives at our store.

As limited and restrictive as these deals can be, we often find deals for 30-50% off. Or we find exclusive limited runs (like only 500 copies pressed worldwide!). Or we are jumping in line to get some of the latest hot new releases.

The reason for this prepayment format is to ensure we can meet shipping minimums for deals we find, or to try to put in enough orders for an upcoming new release to ensure we are high up in the queue for stock.

We're a small, indie record shop, and would never be able to close these deals if we didn't collect prepayments on these orders.

By working together, we trick the universe into believing we are much bigger than we are, and reap the same benefits as the major corporations.

Let's stick it to the man! :)

We'll post the products in the latest deal above. Simply place your preorder on one of the products you're interested in.

You'll need to pay when you place the order.

Make sure you check back often. You will not have long to act. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletters: we won't send out an email for every single little item we find, but we will send our weekly blasts when we find the best deals, or when we have a bunch of the latest releases in the pipeline.

We will refund your money as soon as we know the deal hasn't worked out.

It takes 3-5 business days for the refund to be processed by your bank.

We want to be very clear that if the deal falls through with the supplier, we will issue refunds ASAP.

We cannot offer refunds for any other reason. The prepay is the reason these deals can work.

These deals are risk-free but final.