Creator's Corner: Custom Printed On Demand

Creator's Corner: Custom Printed On Demand

We have teamed up with some Creator's that we think have really cool stuff.  It is not all music related, but it is stuff that we like, and that we feel aligns with who we are and what we do. 

From the eye-rolling cheesiness of some of the punny stuff, to the kinda-sorta-edgy stuff that tries to make a statement without personally insulting anyone, to the laugh-out-loud goofy stuff, it all resonates with us in some way.

And we hope it will for you, too!  So, help support some tiny indy creators, who are just trying to spread a little more fun-iosity in the world, and buy yourself some swag that makes you giggle.

These items are Custom Printed just for you after you order it.  They do not exist yet, so will be printed before  shipping to you.  That should only take a day or two, plus shipping time.  

These Custom Printed items ship directly to you:  they do NOT come into the shop first.  They go directly to you after they have been Custom Printed.  

You may have noticed we used the term Custom Printed a few times.  That means this stuff is printed on demand for you after you order.  Since it is Custom Printed for you, that means it is not returnable, unless there is a manufacturing or printing defect.  Returns for sizing or changing your mind are not accepted.  Cuz, in case we forgot to mention it, this is Custom Printed for you!