Various – Journey To Bethany (6 DISC SET)

Various – Journey To Bethany (6 DISC SET)

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Volume One / Record One
1A-1 Overture…”Journey To Bethany”
1A-2 The Annunciation
1A-3 Mary And Joseph At Bethlehem Inn
1A-4A Angel Appears To The Shepherds
1A-5 Shepherds Visit New Born Christ At Manger
1B-1 Wisemen Ask King Herod Where-about Of New-Born Jesus
1B-2 Presentation Of Jesus In Temple
1B-3 The Wisemen Pay Homage To Jesus
1B-4 The Flight Of Mary And Joseph To Egypt
Volume One / Record Two
2A-1 Jesus At 12 Years
2A-2 Jesus Is Lost At Passover In Jerusalem
2A-3 Joseph And Mary Search For Jesus
2A-4 The Voice In The Wildeness
2A-5 The Baptism Of Jesus
2A-6 Jesus Is Tempted
2B-1 Jesus In Caperneum
2B-2 The Big Haul Of Fish
2B-3 The Calling Of The First Disciples
2B-4 First Miracle At Wedding Feast
Volume Two / Record One
1A-1 Nicodemus Comes To Jesus
1A-2 Jesus Rejected At Synagogue In Nazereth
1A-3 Healing Of The Leper
1A-4 Scribes Question Jesus
1A-5 Healing Of The Paralytic
1B-1 Woman Of Samaria At Well
1B-2 Matthew The Tax Collector Joins Disciples
1B-3 Jesus At Feast With Publicans And Pharisees
1B-4 Jesus Teaches With Parables
1B-5 More Disciples Chosen
Volume Two / Record Two
2A-1 The Sermon On The Mount
2B-1 Healing Of The Centurian’s Servant
2B-2 Widow’s Son Raised From Dead
2B-3 Imprisonment Of John The Baptist
2B-4 Jesus Dines With Simon The Pharisee
2B-5 Mary Magdalene Anoints Jesus’ Feet
Volume Three / Record One
1A-1 Disciples Discuss Parables Of Jesus
1A-2 Jesus Gives Parable Of Sower And Seed
1A-3 Parable Of Tares And Wheat
1A-4 Jesus Quiets Storm At Sea
1B-1 The Raising Of Jairus’ Daughter From Death
1B-2 A Woman Touches Hem Of Jesus’ Garment
1B-3 Jesus Sends Forth The Twelve Disciples
1B-4 The Death Of John The Baptist
Volume Three / Record Two
2A-1 The Feeding Of The 5000
2A-2 Jesus Walks On The Sea
2A-3 Testing Of The Phoenician Woman’s Faith
2A-4 Peter Declares “Thou Art The Christ’
2B-1 Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection
2B-2 The Transfiguration
2B-3 Jesus Heals The Lunatic Boy
2B-4 Jesus Speaks On Humility, Protection And Forgiveness
Volume Four / Record One
1A-1 Parable Of The Good Samaritan
1A-2 The Prodigal Son
1A-3 The Lepers Healed
1A-4 Woman Taken In Adultery
1B-1 Healing Of Blind Bartimaeus
1B-2 Raising Of Lazarus From The Dead
1B-3 The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem
1B-4 Jesus Drives The Money Changers From The Temple
Volume Four / Record Two
2A-1 The Chief Priests Challenge Jesus In Temple
2A-2 Plans Laid To Ensnare Jesus
2A-3 Parable Of Husbandman
2A-4 Jesus On Mount Of Olives
2A-5 Parables: Bridegroom, The Talents
2A-6 Martha Gives Feast For Jesus
2B-1 The Plot Of Judas Iscariot
2B-2 The Last Supper
Volume Five / Record One
1A-1 The Agony In Gethsemane
1A-2 The Betrayal
1A-3 Jesus Accused Before Caiphas
1A-4 Peter Denies Christ
1A-5 The Fate Of Judas
1B-1 Jesus Stands Before Pilate
1B-2 Pilate Washes His Hands
1B-3 The Scourging And Mockery Of Jesus By Soldiers
Volume Five / Record Two
2A-1 The Agonizing Walk To Calvary
2A-2 The Crucifixion
2A-3 The Resurrection
2A-4 The Women At The Tomb
2A-5 Mary Magdalene Sees The Lord
2A-6 Jesus On Emmaus Road
2B-1 Jesus Appears To Disciples In Upper Room
2B-2 Jesus Appears To Doubting Thomas
2B-3 The Appearance By Sea Of Tiberius
2B-4 The Ascension
Volume Six
1A-1 Commentary On The Music

1B-1 Music From Journey To Bethany

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