The Original Broadway Cast* ‎– Lenny
The Original Broadway Cast* ‎– Lenny

The Original Broadway Cast* ‎– Lenny

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Act I
A1 Yadda Mop
A2 The Best Man In The Tribe
A3 Working In A Small Town
A4 Prison Break
A5 Lenny, Rusty, Sherman, At The Club Charles
A6 Sherman Hart And The Korean War
A7 Lenny And The Hindenberg
A8 Rusty And Lenny In Love
A9 Sally, Aunt Mema, Lenny And Cast
A10 A Dedicated Band Of Perverts
A11 A Marriage In Traannnnssyyyllvannia
B1 To California
B2 You Bettuh Awf
B3 The Baby
B4 Collect Call From Mrs. Rusty Bruce
B5 The Telephone Company, Dike Jones, Ike And Dick, The Lone Ranger
B6 A Nation Of Black People We Know Nothing About
B7 Minorities
B8 In The Forest
B9 Marriages
C1 Sick Nick
C2 One Who Killed Our Lord
C3 Christ, Moses And Billy Graham
Act II
C4 The Defendant Lenny Bruce
C5 Dirty Lenny
C6 He Said Blah-Blahblah
C7 Tooo Is A Preposition, Commmmme Is A Verb
D1 The Attraction Is Tits And Ass
D2 Pellagra Is A Hip Disease
D3 Juries, The Police, Jackie Kennedy, I'm A Good American
D4 In My Fantasy
D5 Lyndon Johnson And The Negro
D6 Fighting For My Life
D7 Dead, Leonard A. Schneider