Lars Eastholm ‎– Crowds

Lars Eastholm ‎– Crowds

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A1 Woman Walking Slowly On Stone Surface, Some Rustle Of Clothing 0:45
A2 Woman Walking Slowly On Wood Surface, Echos Slightly 0:45
A3 Man And Woman Walking Slowly On Stone Surface 0:45
A4 Man, Slow Measured Pace On Wood, Shoe Leather Creaks 0:45
A5 Man Ascending Steps 0:30
A6 Stroll Through A Shopping Mall 2:00
A7 Crowd In Large Mall, Moving About, Clearing Throats, Etc. 1:30
A8 Auctioneer Selling Phonograph 0:40
A9 Auctioneer Selling Canadiana Table 0:35
A10 Hockey Crowd And Action On Ice 2:15
A11 Small Group Urging On Atheletes At Sports Event 0:35
B1 Young Woman Laughing 0:20
B2 Young Woman Laughing 0:17
B3 Young Man Laughing 0:15
B4 You Man Really Enjoying Joke 0:20
B5 Middle Aged Man Laughing 0:25
B6 Crowd Laugh Reaction Into Applause 0:12
B7 Crowd Reaction To Joke Into Applause 0:11
B8 Crowd Applause With Whistles 0:35
B9 Department Store Background 1:50
B10 Department Store Elevator, Passengers Talking, Floors Called Out 1:00
B11 Children In Outdoor Pool 1:10
B12 Outdoor Pool With Children Diving Off Spring Boards 1:00
B13 Small Coffee Shop, Some Coversation 1:15
B14 Children Playing Outside 1:00
B15 Group Of Teenagers Talking In A Room 1:00
B16 Group Of Chinese Men In A Large Hall 1:00
B17 Hockey Game From Players Position 1:05

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Such a lovely store! Service was awesome, very welcoming and helpful environment:) Just bought my boyfriend a record player, he is looking forward to stopping by a lot more now!

Ingrid Rumm

White Rock, BC


This place is great! Found a lot of what I was looking for, prices were very fair so I was able to pick up a lot more records. The employee there, Dustin was very kind and helped me find some stuff and try out one of the records I was on the fence about. Definitely recommend dropping by!


New Westminster, BC


Came in here the other day, definitely an awesome place, staff is super friendly and really helpful. Put in an order for a couple records, this place will definitely be my go to from now on.

Johnathan Russel

Cloverdale, BC