Kermit Schafer – The Best Of...Bloopers-Radio And Television&
Kermit Schafer – The Best Of...Bloopers-Radio And Television&

Kermit Schafer – The Best Of...Bloopers-Radio And Television's Most Hilarious Boners

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Band 1 1:58
A1a Hail To The Chief
A1b News Time
A1c Honeymooners
A1d Next On Ed Sullivan
A1e Bond Rally
Band 2 1:20
A2a Canada Calling
A2b Cigar Commercial
A2c Howdy Dowdy Kid Show
A2d Gomer Pyle TV Show
A2e Baseball Play-By-Play
Band 3 1:52
A3a Late News
A3b Evening Melodies
A3c Weather Forecaster
A3d Mystery Hour
A3e Late Election Returns
Band 4 1:52
A4a CBS Bowling
A4b Johnny Carson
A4c Larry King Interview
A4d U.S. Army Recruitment
A4e Golf Sportscast
Band 5 1:43
A5a White House Newscast
A5b Giveaway Program
A5c Rock 'N Roll Disc Jockey
A5d Talk Show
A5e Tea Time
Band 6 2:03
A6a Opera Broadcast
A6b Governor's Conference
A6c Adult Quiz Program
A6d 7 Up Commercial
A6e Commercial Cut-In
Band 7 1:27
A7a BBC Music Program
A7b Astronauts
A7c Tale Of Two Cities
A7d News & Sports
A7e Million Dollar Movie
Band 8 1:32
A8a Al Hirt
A8b Technical Difficulties
A8c Funeral Parlor Commercial
A8d Quiz Show
A8e Movie Commercial
Band 9 1:37
A9a Country Western D.J.
A9b Alaskan Weatherman
A9c Sound Effects Difficulties
A9d Tomato Sauce Commercial
A9e Miss Universe Pageant
Band 10 1:32
A10a Political Convention
A10b Meat Market Special
A10c Gold Award
A10d Voting Day
A10e Leave The Driving To Us
Band 11 1:18
A11a Quiz Contestant
A11b Marian Anderson
A11c Football Highlight
Side II-Band 1 2:06
B1a Academy Award
B1b Lowell Thomas
B1c Mission Impossible
B1d Amateur Hour
B1e Man On The Street
Side II-Band 2 1:42
B2a Baseball Rain-Out
B2b Davy Crockett
B2c Tennis Matches
B2d Meet The Press
Side II-Band 3 1:57
B3a Local Elks Club News
B3b National Anthem
B3c Annual Farm Contest
B3d Announcement For Nurses
B3e Horse Racing
Side II-Band 4 1:27
B4a Births And Deaths
B4b Restaurant Commercial
B4c Concert Violinist
B4d Station Break-Indiana
B4e Bread Commercial
Side II-Band 5 1:41
B5a Tums Commercial
B5b Professional Basketball
B5c Cooking Show
B5d Station Break-Texas
B5e TV Guide
Side II-Band 6 1:16
B6a Kosygin At U.N.
B6b Employment Service
B6c Ex-Lax Commercial
B6d Dog News Story
B6e Dating Game
Side II-Band 7 1:48
B7a General De Gaulle
B7b Uncle Fred's Kid Show
B7c Ncaa College Football
B7d Emmy Awards
B7e Country Fair
Side II-Band 8 1:21
B8a Football Summary
B8b Children's Program
B8c Wrestling Matches
B8d Weather Girl
Side II-Band 9 1:46
B9a News From Russia
B9b Semonette
B9c Boxing
B9d What's My Line
B9e U.S. Steel Hour

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