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Bob Howard ‎– Bob Howard's All American Swing Groups - A Chronological Study 1932/1938 - Vol. 1

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A1 It's Unbelievable (Take A)
A2 It's Unbelievable (Take B)
A3 Whisper Sweet (Take A)
A4 Whisper Sweet (Take B)
A5 Throwin' Stones At The Sun (Take A)
A6 You Fit Into The Picture (Take A)
A7 The Ghost Of Dinah (Take A)
A8 Pardon My Love (Take A)
B1 Stay Out Of Love
B2 I'll Never Change
B3 Where Were You In The Night Of June 3rd?
B4 Looks Like I'm Breakin' The Ice
B5 Corinne Corinna
B6 Ev'ry Day
B7 A Porter's Love Song To The Chambermain
B8 I Can't Dance I Got Ants In My Pants