Spock's Beard – Snow Live (2X CD Album +2 DVD )

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CD1-1 Made Alive / Overture 5:41
CD1-2 Stranger In A Strange Land 4:33
CD1-3 Long Time Suffering 6:06
CD1-4 Welcome To NYC 3:26
CD1-5 Love Beyond Words 3:40
CD1-6 The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick) 4:10
CD1-7 Devil's Got My Throat 7:25
CD1-8 Open Wide The Flood Gates 5:41
CD1-9 Open The Gates Part 2 2:58
CD1-10 Solitary Soul 8:31
CD1-11 Wind At My Back 5:44
CD1-12 Second Overture 3:31
CD1-13 4th Of July 3:04
CD1-14 I'm The Guy 4:33
CD1-15 Reflection 2:16
CD1-16 Carie 4:25
CD2-1 Looking For Answers 5:27
CD2-2 Freak Boy 2:19
CD2-3 All Is Vanity 4:31
CD2-4 I'm Dying 5:03
CD2-5 Freak Boy Part 2 2:51
CD2-6 Devil's Got My Throat Reprise 2:07
CD2-7 Snow's Night Out 2:06
CD2-8 Ladies And Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards 5:33
CD2-9 I Will Go 5:39
CD2-10 Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back 7:10
CD2-11 June 6:14
CD2-12 Falling For Forever 27:07
DVD1-1 Made Alive / Overture
DVD1-2 Stranger In A Strange Land
DVD1-3 Long Time Suffering
DVD1-4 Welcome To NYC
DVD1-5 Love Beyond Words
DVD1-6 The 39th Street Blues (I'm Sick)
DVD1-7 Devil's Got My Throat
DVD1-8 Open Wide The Flood Gates
DVD1-9 Open The Gates Part 2
DVD1-10 Solitary Soul
DVD1-11 Wind At My Back
DVD1-12 Second Overture
DVD1-13 4th Of July
DVD1-14 I'm The Guy
DVD1-15 Reflection
DVD1-16 Carie
DVD1-17 Looking For Answers
DVD1-18 Freak Boy
DVD1-19 All Is Vanity
DVD1-20 I'm Dying
DVD1-21 Freak Boy Part 2
DVD1-22 Devil's Got My Throat Reprise
DVD1-23 Snow's Night Out
DVD1-24 Ladies And Gentlemen, Mister Ryo Okumoto On The Keyboards
DVD1-25 I Will Go
DVD1-26 Made Alive Again
DVD1-27 Wind At My Back
DVD2-1 June
DVD2-2 Falling For Forever
DVD2-3 Behind The Scenes Feature - The Making Of Snow Live

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